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SCS Space (Pty) Ltd, established in 2009, is a private South African company. We are a Space Engineering Systems Bureau for complex Satellite Technology solutions, specializing in the facilitation of Technical Solutions with Value Add. Our role is that of Mission Partner and Technology Integrator. We have an active nano-satellite technology program in support of a number of constellation missions and mission partners. We also provide product assurance and online training. 


We recognize that effective program management and execution combined with key systems engineering and technical capability leads to accelerated and cost-effective program implementation, along with improved quality and reliability, optimized utilization and revenue return. 

Through our network of collaborators, SCS Space is ideally situated to understand, define and assist with management of space acquisition projects in its entirety. Taking into consideration our advisory role, we can source best of class solutions from various suppliers, ensuring unbiased and optimized program execution, ensuring that each program is customer-centric.


Dr Sias Mostert
Founder and CEO
Smuts Louw
New Programmes &   
Contract Management

Dr Mostert, co-founder of SCS Space, has been active in the space industry in South Africa since 1992. He has a keen interest in bridging the digital divide with space technology and is passionate about using space technology as a catalyst for development.

Systems development discipline spanning the whole development life cycle (with specific application in space engineering, linear programming and data warehouse fields). Practical experience in the management of multi-year and multi-discipline outsourcing contracts, as well as the sales cycle related to these.

Turcia Busakwe
Operations and Development

Turcia Busakwe is experienced in the space and defence industries.  She has experience in project and program management.  Her current responsibilities include designing satellite program training programs and relationship management. She has recently been appointed as Operations Manager within SCS Space.

Herman van der Merwe
Company Secretary

Herman van der Merwe is a chartered accountant with 40 years' experience in different fields. He has experience in starting his own business and holds a number of positions on different Boards.  Herman’s fields of expertise include, corporate structuring, taxation, ethics and risk management.  He is the company secretary for SCS Group of companies. 

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SCS Space builds on the following pillars to ensure its continued success:

Space Program knowledge and experience

Program management experience in high-tech, advanced international programs

Space systems engineering experience

Access to broad technology specialist base

Strong international partner network

Continuous development and maintenance of core competences

Maximum value addition to client endeavours

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